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I am a Licensed  drone pilot. As well I have an authorization from the FAA allowing Carolina Drone Work to fly within 

Charlotte and the surrounding areas heavily regulated 

class Bravo airspace. I carry 500K in liability insurance. Don't expose yourself to liability by using an unauthorized drone pilot.


We offer professional quality HDR Full Frame Real Estate Photography. HDR allows us to maximize the available light. The ability to combine high quality aerial with interior/exterior  photography allows us to offer fully edited media packages tailored to suit the client's needs.


we offer orthomosaic photographs. These are composed of up to 999 photographs taken from the drone while it flies an autonomous pattern and records images. These are then stitched together to make one large photograph with amazing detail. Able of producing one high definition photograph of up to 200 acres 



We are a small business That is founded on the ideal of "good business is worth doing again". We understand Quality, punctuality, privacy, accountability and the requirements of safe drone operation. We strive to provide the consumer with a product that not only shows the property from an angle or perspective that accentuates it but maximizes the possibilities of others to also appreciate the value and beauty of every property or event.


32 N Main St  Suite 110 Belmont, NC 28012

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